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Citizenship Education Programme

The CEP is a capacity building programme that helps citizens understand constitutional values, rights and responsibilities, governance frameworks along with a strong focus on individual and community-based action. 

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Through the CEP we have worked with more than 1300 partners.


These are mainly of two types:

  • Schools and Educational Institutions – Here we align the CEP to current civics curriculum – making it more interactive, citizen-focused and practical. The training of trainers (TOT) participants are school teachers.

  • Civil Society Organizations  (CSO) – Here we facilitate the CEP among the communities that the CSOs work in and the TOT participants are CSO teams and community leaders.


We have trained more than 1270 facilitators impacting more than 17,40,000 people directly. The issues that have been taken up and addressed have ranged from food security, sanitation, education, safety, drinking water and functioning of GPs.

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