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Constitution Connect

Citizen Cafés

Online Channels


Constitution Connect (CC) is our outreach programme to raise awareness about the Constitution – especially among the youth. The singular purpose is to help citizens recognise the connect between the Constitution and their everyday life. This is achieved through facilitating multiple short workshops - online and on-ground & through various online channels including our own platforms.



This is our signature workshop module. It focuses on making a powerful connect with Constitutional values and principles, inspiring citizens towards their role and responsibilities, and outlining actions to take forward. The methodology is interactive, experiential, and activity-based. We have also trained citizens to facilitate these Cafes with well-crafted materials and guidance.  

We have conducted several Cafés with educational institutions, corporations, government institutions, citizen groups and youth groups. These include Amity University, ISDM, ILSS, private and government schools, Marks & Spencer, the National Museum and many more.


Contact us in case you would like us to facilitate a Citizen Café or to guide you on how to facilitate it for co-citizens.


We have also partnered with significant media platforms like Times Internet, Youth Ki Aawaz, Radio One, Apna Radio, and NCERT.  Our own platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have driven our content to a wide range of young audiences.  


In 2019-20, to mark 70 years of the Constitution, we initiated a national campaign – starting 26th January 2019 to 26th January 2020. The objective was to bring to the consciousness of young citizens, the connect of Constitutional values and rights, in their everyday lives, and provoke reflection and action.

The strategy was to release a series of videos at different intervals throughout the year, on YouTube. The films were accompanied by workshop modules that Mission 70 partner organisations used to facilitate on-ground events with citizens. The films, released on critical ‘hook’ dates through the year, achieved substantial online and on-ground reach.

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