Content Development 

Our content is the engine that drives all our capacity building and awareness efforts. Our content development efforts are fuelled by discovering answers to three fundamental questions:

What shifts are needed in citizen’s attitudes / perspectives?

What information and knowledge are needed?

What skills and tools are needed to take action on the ground?

The content is organised around the framework outlined here:


‘WHY’ of a concept, like why we need freedom, why equality is important, etc.


‘WHAT’ of a concept, like what are fundamental rights, what is law, what is structure of the State, etc.


‘HOW’ to take an action, like skills / tools required to take any action.

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Our content materials and methods are experiential, contextual, engaging & thought-provoking, and actionable.


Our content has created a special identity for our work in the area of constitutional understanding and awareness. We have created a range of different types of content. This has ensured an increased outreach to unreached audience through different platforms.


This graphic below gives a fuller picture of the different types of content we develop and use:

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