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We, The People is, exactly as the name suggests: about you, about all of us. There is no “them” in our vocabulary.


Together, we seek to explore these questions: How do we, as individuals of a free, sovereign, democratic state, exercise our rights and responsibilities as citizens? How do we stand in relation to the core values of liberty, equality, justice and fraternity enshrined in our Constitution? What is our role in relation to the State?

We believe that citizenship is a journey, not a point of arrival. Most of us are citizens for as long as we live and just like our lives, citizenship is a work in progress, frustrating at times, yes, but also intensely exciting and engaging.


We seek to include all citizens on this journey; to create opportunities of action and reflection through our Citizenship Education Programme and Constitution Connect events. The aim is to enable each citizen to understand his/her role, act out of power and responsibility and create impact within his/her sphere of influence – however small or large that may be.

Developing creative curriculum content

Igniting awareness among citizens through Constitution Connect events

Building capacities and mobilizing action among citizens through Citizenship Education Programme

Our outreach is through strategic partnerships with institutions (Schools and CSOs) that work closely with citizens. 

We are financially supported by multiple institutions and individuals alike who believe in the work we do.

We, The People Abhiyan is a Civil Society Organization, registered as a Society and Trust.

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