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Our linguistically, culturally, and age-diverse team reflects our commitment to inclusivity and representation. With fluency in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, and regional languages, we effectively engage diverse audiences and reach communities across different regions. We also have our Master Facilitators network, who work freelance from different locations but are very much an extension of our full-time team. Further, we are supported remotely by our Finance and Administration team.



Alka Shesha

Co-founder of Magic Bus, one of the largest non-profits in India, working to improve lives of children through Sport for Development. Alka has over ten years of experience in organisation building. Currently, she leads Avabodha as transformational coach and facilitator.


Ashwini Kulkarni

Ashwini leads Pragati Abhiyan. She is involved in a multipronged effort to create awareness among the poor of their legal rights; training them in dealing with government bureaucracy and advocating for better design of government delivery systems with a view to improve overall implementation.


Masood Akhtar

Currently working as a Senior Manager with Magic Bus, Masood has more than ten years of experience working with young people from various walks of life. Drawing from his experience of post riots Bombay in 1992-93, he went on to build SAHER, an organisation committed to democratic citizenship and active peace building.


Seema Misra

Seema Misra is a lawyer who has been working on the issue of legal empowerment of various marginalised communities for over two decades.


Vikram Bhatt

Vikram has extensive experience as a leadership coach. One of his significant works has been to incubate Coaching for transformation (CFT network), with Leadership That Works - a learning space that teaches and practices coaching.


Manoj Papisetty

Manoj, a BITS Pilani alumni, works as a Networking Consulting Engineer with Cisco Systems. As part of Nirmaan, an NGO which works in education and livelihoods, Manoj has built partnerships with other networks to actively work on responsible citizenship.


Sushma Sharma

Sushma sees herself as a learning partner, mentor and a coach. Her passion lies in helping leaders, leadership teams and organizations build competencies, learning abilities and nimbleness for achieving purposeful performance. As a Coach, she persistently and passionately holds on to the values of – freedom, authentic relationships and realization of potential of people.”



Vinita Gursahani Singh

Managing Trustee

Vinita's main focus, over the last 25 years, has been in building people’s capacities on rights and responsibilities within our democratic and constitutional framework. Her educational background is in management from the SP Jain Institute in Mumbai and in social policy from the London School of Economics.


Neha Yadav

Head, Capacity Building Partnerships

Neha is responsible for managing partnerships and programmes. She is passionate about enabling people to uphold their rights and use constitutional values as lens in their everyday life. Her main focus is to strategies, design and implement partner-centric programmes to build capacities of people to understand their role as citizens. Neha is an engineer from Clemson University and has done an MBA from School of Inspired Leadership.


Sana Siddiqui

Head, Capacity Building Program

Sana is involved in research, writing of modules and other content required under various programmes of We, The People. She has completed her LL.M. and has been working as a Legal Consultant since 2003.

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Swati Poddar

Head, Awareness & Visibility

Swati is a communications specialist with experience of creating visibility for causes, brand strategy, integrated communications, content development, campaign execution, digital campaigning, and media relations. She is passionate about grassroots level change and is an active member of the animal rights community.


Tanishq Wadhwa

Executive, Awareness & Visibility

Tanishq is a practitioner of Social Design, with an M.Des. in Social design. He is passionate about working with marginalised communities and understanding the deeper root causes of social issues through the approaches of constitution, conversations, and design.


Shikha Yadav

Manager, Capacity Building Program

Shikha holds a Master's degree in English literature and an MBA in Human Resources, boasting over seven and a half years of extensive experience in the skill development sector. Recognizing the evolving demands of the contemporary landscape, she recognized the imperative of personal upskilling as a responsible citizen. Thus, WTPA emerged as her response to this imperative.

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Shailaja Ranjan Raj

HR Consultant and Mentor

Shailaja Ranjan brings a diverse background to the team, holding a Masters in Social Work from Jamia Millia Islamia and a Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Laws from the Indian Law Institute Supreme Court. Shailaja is a seasoned professional in HR and Learning and Development, having worked with corporations like Tata Bhushan Steels, HDFC, ICICI Bank, Larsen Toubro, and SHRM India, as well as development-focused organizations like CARE India and Muskaan.


Kritika Sethia

Manager, Capacity Building Program

Kritika, a former Teach for India fellow, brings extensive experience in Instructional Design and adult facilitation to the team. She also excels in connecting the Constitution to contemporary issues. At WTPA, she is responsible for content research, development and design along with training related to the capacity building program.

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Pravin Kumar

Manager, Capacity Building Partnerships

Pravin is a development professional with diverse experience of more than ten years in the areas of skill development and training, education, legal intervention, research, livelihood, rural development, migrant issues and content writing. He envisions an egalitarian society where there is equality of opportunity, meaningful livelihood, dignity and compassion. He puts all his efforts into making the desired changes.

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Neha Yadav

Operations Manager (Accounts, Administration, and HR)

Neha, an MBA graduate with a strong background in HR and administrative roles, brings valuable expertise to the team. Her role encompasses maintaining records, addressing staff inquiries, and providing operational assistance. Seeking a shift to the NGO sector, Neha joined WTPA, to pursue her passion for social development and aiding those in need.



Aparna Mathur

Aparna, a highly qualified leadership coach brings diverse experience in sales, consulting, and personal transformation to WTPA. She holds a graduate degree in psychology and a postgraduate degree in marketing, further enhancing her expertise in driving positive change. With close to 30 years of cross-functional work in coaching, organization development consulting, and sales, she has conducted impactful leadership workshops and executive coaching sessions. Aparna's client portfolio includes Bharti Airtel, Tata Motors, PepsiCo, and more.

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Gauri Nigudkar

Gauri is an Applied Behavioural Science Practitioner, OD Consultant, and Coach with over 27 years of experience in the corporate and social sector, She thrives on diversity and is energized by opportunities wherein she can contribute and make a difference in someone's life. She has been engaged with the social and corporate sectors as their learning partner. Her interests include creative writing, theatre, and photography. She enjoys working with WTPA as the values of the organization and her personal values find a deep connection with each other. She has been associated with WTPA since its early days and continues to contribute in multiple roles.


Krutarth Shevgaon

Krutarth is a mechanical engineer, actor, storyteller, writer, translator, mountaineer and communicator. Indian Constitution and mental health are the subjects of his interest and studies. He is passionate about creating impact by interacting with people and empowering them by using theatre as a medium. Currently, he is working on developing different mediums to inculcate constitutional values in indian citizens according to their age,gender and interest.He also likes to perform and work with children literature. He has been associated with WTPA for the past year.

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Dolly is currently a second-time elected representative (Sarpanch) of a Gram Panchayat in Bihar. She has almost 15 years of work experience in the corporate sector and rural development. With an M.B.A background, she is committed to making a difference in her community, and she believes her contributions have been humble yet noteworthy. Her core values of equality and justice align with Constitutional Values, which reflects in her work. As an influential political women leader, she has received various awards and was recently interviewed on national television (R. TV). She joined the facilitation team in March '23.

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Sarswati Shinde

Sarswati holds an MSW degree and serves as a district trainer at Yuva. With a deep interest in constitutional studies, she has dedicated the past four years to instilling constitutional values in the youth and children. Through her initiative, Nai Talim, she imparts constitutional values and life skills to children. Sarswati operates in Satara and Pune districts, conducting workshops on constitutional matters across Maharashtra.

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Kuldeep Sikarwar

Kuldeep Sikarwar works with Had-Anhad organization as an Educational program and Partnership Manager. He posesses an overall experience of 6 years in the social sector. He studied bachelor's in Computer Science & has Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Kuldeep is passionate about having dialogues around Constitution and history by creating safe spaces around people. He believes that every Indian citizen's duty is to live by the constitution to become an active and aware citizen. Kuldeep is also working as a trainer with WTPA for almost a year.

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Anupa Madharia

Anupa is a passionate advocate for Constitutional awareness with extensive experience. She has completed numerous assignments related to research, surveying, training, publication, documentation, and campaigning since 1998. Anupa's impactful contributions include conducting over a thousand training sessions on vital topics such as self-help groups, gender-based violence, health and gender, education, panchayat and parliamentary processes, laws related to women and child safety.

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Vishnu Jaiswal

Vishnu is a dedicated development professional, session designer, facilitator, and lifelong learner. With a Master's in Social Work, he boasts 15 years of extensive experience in youth development, youth engagement, active citizenship, constitution, child rights, community health, and panchayats in tribal & rural contexts. As a co-founder of the youth-led organisation, Synergy Sansthan, Vishnu is passionately working with youths to build inclusive and democratic leaders in the rural areas of Madhya Pradesh. He has been associated with WTPA for 8 years.

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Nilesh Khanvilkar

A seasoned professional with 15+ years of experience in the social sector, Nilesh is dedicated to promoting constitutional values and legal awareness. As a Partner at Khanvilkar Legal Associate and Master Trainer on Social and Legal issues, he specializes in Constitutional Values. Nilesh's commitment to upholding constitutional principles earned him recognition as a participant in the prestigious Samta Fellowship Program. He serves as President of Astha Madat Kendra and actively associates with various social movements.



Anjana is an education specialist with 10 years of work experience at the Azim Premji Foundation, Bhopal. Training teachers is her forte and ‘Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN)’ is her core area of expertise. She has contributed in developing the syllabus on ‘Childhood’ for the Diploma in Elementary Education. She has exceptional liaisoning skills and have worked in close coordination with Rajya Shiksha Kendra, Zila Shiksha Kendra, Directorate Public Instructions, and DITE. She is skilled at Foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN) interventions and has spearheaded Teacher learning centers in three clusters of Bhopal for quality engagement and networking of teachers. She has worked with government schools on education policy, constitutional values, gender mainstreaming and the development of children literature.

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Dr. Anandkumar Pal

Dr. Anand is an important member of the WTPA family. Serving as a District Coordinator at LEPRA Society's EpiC Project, his extensive background in research and academia drives his passion for education, health (HIV/AIDS & leprosy), youth, women, and the elderly. Dr. Anand excels in community development, documentation, project writing, research, and administration. His commitment to constitutional awareness fuels his tireless work in uplifting marginalized communities in Hyderabad.


Pawan Kumar Sinha

With over 14 years of experience in leading Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran, Pawan served as a Reporter covering topics like land rights, displacement, and women empowerment. As a Resource Person for Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, he contributed to national youth core training. Pawan holds a Post Graduate degree in Rural Development and a Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication. He effectively managed programs in Jharkhand as a Program Manager with We, The People organization. Currently, as a Freelance Facilitator, he contributes to capacity building with the same organization and works as a journalist for Khabar Cell Hindi News Portal.


Navendu Mishra

Navendu Mishra, a dedicated social activist and law graduate of three years, champions equal education and constitutional values. With 18 years in the development sector, he founded Agrini Public School, driving educational empowerment. As a key member of Agrini Samaj Kalyan Samiti, Navendu spearheads impactful initiatives, earning recognition in prestigious programs like Prerna Fellowship and Changelooms Learning Leadership Journey.



Dhananjay is the founder of the organisation "Society for Promotion of Education and Environment Development (SPEED)" in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh. He has been actively involved in community mobilisation for several years, establishing a network of Voluntary Action groups. These groups focus on raising awareness about the importance of education and environmental conservation in nearby villages. Dhananjay, certified as a master trainer on Panchayats by NIRD, boasts nearly 15 years of experience in the social sector. He is passionate about instilling constitutional values within his community to empower citizens to overcome societal barriers and become active participants in civic life.


Jyoti Verma

Jyoti holds a master's degree in Rural Development and a diploma in Health Management. She has about 19 years of extensive experience working on women's empowerment with a focus on community development, institution strengthening, and capacity building. Her expertise includes life skills, employment-linked skills development, quality assurance in public health, team building, and partnership management. Jyoti has a lot of experience working with the government.



Vijay is a proud resident of Bokaro, Jharkhand. He is currently facilitating social progress by supporting self-help groups for rural women. As part of We the People Abhiyan, he has deepened his understanding of the Constitution and wants others to familiarise themselves with this knowledge. Serving as a Master Facilitator, Vijay actively engages in educating citizens about constitutional values, responsibilities, and rights.


Sunil Thakur

Sunil Thakur, a Hazaribag resident, has dedicated 25 years to reporting and leadership roles in NGOs like Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra and Lok Prerna Kendra. Currently engaged in Child Protection Ward activities, he contributes to rural education and supports the Jharkhand government's initiatives, including the Jal Jeevan Mission.



Sandeep Pawar

Sr. Accountant

Sandeep has worked with the WTPA since 2009. He specializes in Taxation & Government related work. He has been instrumental in WTPA obtaining the 12A License.

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Sarala Ugale

Admin/Account Assistant

Sarala being the latest entrant into the team has joined WTPA in 2014. She has an advanced command of computer related work and helps to actively manage the accounts of the organization.


Uma Ghospurikar

Secretary & Admin/ Accounts Coordinator

Uma is a veteran in the development sector as she has been working and contributing since the 1990’s. She is involved in managing Administrative & Accounts related responsibilities and back-office related activities.

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