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We're on a mission to make Constitutional awareness accessible to all, regardless of privilege. Through collaborations with national and regional organisations, individuals, and stakeholders, we're spreading the message far and wide.


Our spotlight is currently on "Har Dil Mein Samvidhan," a nationwide campaign to celebrate the historic occasion of the 75th Republic Day on 26 January 2024. 


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Har Dil Mein Samvidhan is an effort to recognize the connection of the Constitution with our lives and to create awareness about its importance in everyday life. It aims to create awareness about Constitutional values and celebrate together on the upcoming Constitution Day and Republic Day. More than 500 civil society partners have joined up to facilitate events and activities across all districts in India. 


WTPA has been part of the campaign since its inception and plays an important co-organising role. 


To raise awareness of the Constitution of India and its relevance in our everyday life.



To reach and engage with citizens around the country in all 766 districts of India, and increase the visibility of the Constitution in media – print, online and digital.


Proposed Actions:

  • To conduct on-ground awareness-raising events in all 766 districts by the upcoming 26th of January 2024 (Republic Day).

  • To collate and spread information about the events through different media channels.

  • To publish content related to the Constitution (articles, videos, songs etc.) on different media channels.

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