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We, The People Abhiyan’s primary focus is impactful capacity-building programs that are comprehensive and can be implemented on a large scale.


The capacity-building pathway encompasses several interrelated components that seamlessly integrate to deliver impactful programs. These components include partnerships, training, content development, and a dedicated team of master facilitators.


The primary strategic approach for driving capacity building is centred around collaborating with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) nationwide to establish a robust network of citizen champions.


Citizen Champions are identified and trained in partnership with various organisations. Typically, these champions are community leaders, team members, or teachers associated with our partner organisations. We've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse group of partners, encompassing both Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), citizen networks and educational institutions. These partnerships have been instrumental in propelling our initiatives forward.​

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Our Capacity Building Programmes fall under three categories - customised programmes that are based on the specific needs and context of our partner, in addition to  two standard programmes- Constitution for Citizen Action and Citizen Adda. 

These programmes are designed for changemakers involved in community development and ensuring access to entitlements. Specifically, field teams and community leaders of CSOs and networks working with women collectives, youth, panchayat members and others.

  • Constitution for Citizen Action or Samvidhan Se Samadhan: We, The People Abhiyan’s Constitution for Citizen Action (CCA) training aims to empower citizens with the knowledge, skills, perspective and tools necessary to become active and engaged within their communities. It is a 3-day in-person training program enabling participants to establish the connection between constitutional values and social and governance issues. The program's design is based on experiential and interactive methodologies such as group work, reflection, games and written exercises using AVs, handouts and supportive material. The participants are provided tools to transfer their learning, spread awareness and build capacity with community members.


  • Citizen Adda: Our Citizen Adda interactive training module deep-dives into the one-page that defines the vision for our country– the Preamble to the Indian Constitution. It is a half-day in-person training program and focuses on preamble. The program's design is interactive and methodologies such as group work, reflection and games are used. The participants are provided with frugal tools to spread awareness about Constitutional values in their community.

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At the heart of our mission, our content serves as the driving force behind all our capacity-building and awareness initiatives.


Our content development efforts are guided by our pursuit of answers to three fundamental questions:

What shifts are needed in citizens' attitudes and perspectives?

What information and knowledge do citizens need?

What skills and tools do citizens need to take action?

We structure our content around a simple framework:

Uncovering the 'WHY' behind concepts, like freedom and equality.

Exploring the 'WHAT' of various topics, including fundamental rights and more.

Equipping citizens with the 'HOW'—practical skills and tools for action.

Our content materials and methods are designed to be experiential, contextual, engaging, thought-provoking, and, most importantly, actionable.


Currently, significant emphasis is placed on standardising training content, ensuring consistency and quality.  Efforts are also made to incorporate customisations based on the specific needs of our partner organisations.



The backbone of any training program lies in its facilitators.


In line with our focus this year to scale up and expand outreach to citizens, we have made proactive efforts to invest in building a strong team of facilitators. We leverage our networks and establish connections in various states to achieve this goal.


Currently, we have 14 facilitators: 10 freelancers and 4 full-time team members. They are strategically positioned in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Jharkhand, Bihar, Delhi, and Haryana, enabling effective engagement with citizens from diverse regions and linguistic backgrounds.



At the heart of We, The People Abhiyan’s mission is the commitment to sustained learning and continuous engagement. We understand that active citizenship is not a one-time endeavour; it's a lifelong journey that requires ongoing education, collaboration, and action. To foster this commitment, we've established जन Collective.


The primary goal of जन Collective is to create an environment that nurtures sustained learning. It serves as a platform where members can continually expand their knowledge, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest developments related to active citizenship and the principles of the Constitution.

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