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We, The People Abhiyan’s focus is to increase constitutional awareness among citizens, and for that, we've employed various strategies, including targeted campaigns, collaborations, digital activations, and engaging with print and digital media. 


Through various platforms such as Citizen Cafés, YouTube videos, and Instagram content, we place a strong emphasis on effectively engaging citizens, particularly the younger generation 


These efforts aim to produce high-quality educational materials that not only raise awareness but also inspire active citizenship. By understanding their crucial role in our democratic system, we encourage younger individuals to actively contribute to the progress of our nation.



The Citizen Café is our outreach programme to raise awareness about the Constitution – especially among the youth. The singular purpose is to help citizens recognise the connection between the Constitution and their everyday lives. This is achieved through facilitating multiple short workshops - online and on-ground.

It focuses on making a powerful connection with Constitutional values and principles, inspiring citizens towards their roles and responsibilities, and outlining actions that they as individuals can take forward. If you are interested in conducting a citizen cafe in your school, college, place of work or community, please connect with us here



We leverage the power of the digital landscape to engage with citizens, educate them about current affairs and connect them with our Constitution.


We regularly create and post riveting content on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn, to reach a diverse audience and facilitate a deeper understanding of constitutional matters.

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