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Suman's Aspiration to get a Drivers License!

In the heart of Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, lives Suman Meena, a 21-year-old with dreams as vast as the open sky. Suman comes from a family where both her parents have jobs and support her, yet driven by a strong desire for independence and a hunger for new experiences, she chose to take up work while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree.

In July 2023, Suman joined the Gramin Shiksha Kendra (GSK) in her village. There, she became a tutor and mentor for primary school students. Outside the classroom, she took charge of the village library. Carrying books, she visited neighbouring villages for storytelling sessions and avidly listened to the elders’ tales, in attempt to learn more about her community’s history.

When given the opportunity by GSK to participate in workshops conducted by We,The People Abhiyaan, she participated avidly. She says that the training helped strengthen her convictions about her rights and express herself more confidently in her community. She always strongly connected to the idea of freedom but understanding how the Preamble to the Indian Constitution upheld her Right to Freedom empowered her immensely.

Since completing the training, she makes it a point to instil these ideals in the young girls she meets at school, urging them to aspire for greatness and chase their dreams. However, embarking on this path has presented Suman with numerous obstacles: her family faces immense pressure from nearby villagers to limit her freedom. On several occasions, she finds herself fighting alone as many of her friends are being steered towards marriage instead of pursuing education.

Despite the challenges, Suman perseveres and triumphs. Recently, she narrated to us her quest to learn motorcycle riding. She recounts how she was initially mocked and ridiculed and how she did not give up. After weeks of convincing her elder brother to teach her and taking full responsibility for the vehicle, she succeeded. Today, she can ride with a passenger behind her. She signs off by proudly telling us her next goal: to not only obtain a license but buy a bike for herself very soon!

Suman’s story symbolizes the motto, “Change starts from within”; Her spirit, resilient in the face of societal constraints, shines brightly, offering hope not only for herself but also for her community.

The above story has been written and published with the explicit consent of the individual involved. All facts presented are based on WTPA's direct interaction with the individual, ensuring accuracy and integrity in our reporting.

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