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Change Starts from Within: Sudha’s Transformational Journey Through Work and Life

Sudha, a passionate young woman, lives with her family in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. She works with the Gramin Purnanirman Sansthan (GPS). At a young age of twenty-two, Sudha is engaged in working with women on issues such as unemployment, education of children, lack of livelihoods, and helping women understand government schemes.She also plays a crucial role in helping them understand and access various government schemes, guiding them in organizing and submitting the necessary documents to secure their entitlements. In her endeavours she practices the values of equality and freedom, which she firmly believes in.

Sudha has inspired women to take action in many aspects of their lives to follow the prescribed procedure in order to get what they deserve and is rightfully theirs. In one instance, one woman—who Sudha dearly calls chachi—came to her and informed her that she and many other women were not paid for their employment under the MGNREGA scheme. While Chachi wanted to file a complaint, other women did not consider it to be the right approach. This matter had been brought up by Chachi many times in the meetings since May 2023, when they worked under the scheme. Finally, Sudha encouraged her to file a complaint, even if others did not agree. To Chachi’s surprise, she received an immediate response from the helpline and promptly paid her dues. Sudha recalls that since then 10-12 other women have also filed the complaint and gotten what they rightfully deserved.

Sudha’s impact on society is not a day’s work. With the 150 families that she works with, she conducts meetings every month. In her meetings she uses different means like movies and games to spread awareness about Constitutional rights and responsibilities. Films such as Bol Basanto or Samvidhan ka Nirman helps people engage and understand better and take a keen interest in the learning of the rights and responsibilities.

Beyond her societal contributions, Sudha’s work and the training she received at the Samvidhaan se Samadhan training with We, The People Abhiyan, have profoundly influenced her personal life. Conversations about gender equality and Constitutional rights have become more frequent in her house. When Sudha’s father expresses discomfort about her going out and working as a woman, she tells her father, “ladka ladki mein koi farak nahi hai ab” (there is no difference between a woman and a man now). She recognizes that everyone has an equal right to go out and work.

Sudha’s personal growth is evident in her temperament as well. She recalls a time when she would easily get angry over small matters. After the training, she became more aware that everyone has a right to their own opinions and the right to do things their own way—a right to individuality. This has encouraged her to listen more attentively and engage in constructive discussion, enhancing her ability to educate people better.

The impact of Sudha’s transformation was particularly evident when her father was severely injured. During Covid, her father met with an accident at the chauraha, leading to medical expenses of nearly eight lakhs for his treatment. When the family discovered that the vehicle owner lived nearby, they sought compensation, but he refused to pay. The family’s anger was palpable, but after various unsuccessful attempts to resolve the matter, they filed a lawsuit. The case is still ongoing, and Sudha diligently follows it; she has faith in the legal system. She also reminds her family that ‘this is our best recourse and that there would be no point in fighting’ highlighting her deep respect for the power of the Constitution and the law.

Sudha’s journey has been transformational but not free of challenges. In the field, she often encounters resistance from local vested interests who do not want her to succeed in her mission of empowering others. Nonetheless, her consistent efforts and passion for her work have given her the strength to continue moving forward. She has so far worked with 150 families and continues to impact more people through her work.

The above story has been written and published with the explicit consent of the individual involved. All facts presented are based on WTPA's direct interaction with the individual, ensuring accuracy and integrity in our reporting.

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