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“I have equal rights as my husband”

Updated: 5 days ago

Rajkumari didi is our cohort member who has trained many women in her village on Constitutional values of equality and justice. She also worked on civic issues to fix problems but the biggest struggle she was facing was at home. A typical case of domestic violence. Her husband would beat her up after drinking or even otherwise and this had been going on for quite some time. She almost convinced herself that it was a way of life. After becoming a part of the cohort and understanding her rights, there was a shift in her attitude. While she was going out and training people on equality and justice, these same values were being violated in her own life and suddenly she was not okay with it. She started raising her voice and fighting against it. When all of this did not stop the abuse, she called the police and failed a complaint. This was a big step for a woman in such circumstances and in a way, a big success towards responsible citizenship.

The above story has been written and published with the explicit consent of the individual involved. All facts presented are based on WTPA's direct interaction with the individual, ensuring accuracy and integrity in our reporting.

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