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Breaking the tradition of caste-based sex work

Meet Rohini Chhari, a Citizen Champion from Morena, Madhya Pradesh, who is breaking the tradition of caste-based sex work within the Bedia community and fighting for the dignity of women and girls through her organisation, Bhumi Gramotthan Sansthan.

Through our training, Rohini recognised the pressing need to promote Fraternity in our society. Shortly after, she witnessed two communities fighting over the cremation of a man from a marginalised caste. The upper-caste community strongly objected to his cremation in the government-sanctioned ground. Without hesitation, she stepped in and registered a complaint with the Sarpanch, citing Article 15, which explicitly prohibits caste-based discrimination. Rohini also organised a meeting to promote better understanding between the communities, urging them to reflect on their actions and proposing ways to overcome their differences.

Rohini believes the Constitution is a guiding light for ALL citizens, as she mentions "If I, as a social worker, only support one side and ignore the other, I am no different from those promoting the divide." Her relentless dedication serves as a powerful example of how the Constitution can empower citizens to effectively champion the causes they believe in.

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