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Fighting casteism using the Constitution

Updated: Aug 8

Meet Tilok Nath Kalbelia, a CORO India fellow from Udaipur, Rajasthan who is making a difference in a community struggling with casteism within the society and the government system. Through our training session, he discovered the transformative power of the Constitution, empowering his community to fight for their rights and embrace the idea of responsible citizenship.

Recently, Tilok Nath and his associates helped Bhil and Kala-Belia communities acquire homes through the PM's Housing Scheme, with support from the Panchayat Samiti. Eligible members filled out forms, ensuring deserving families received their homes. They remain active at the panchayat level, advocating for grassroots development.

Tilok Nath's passion for active citizenship has created a transformation in his village. Now, villagers actively participate in panchayat meetings, demanding accountability and change. He also continues to fight for the recognition of Jogis as Scheduled Castes, which would give them access to land rights. Petitions have been submitted to the Collector, and the commitment to social justice continues.

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