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“My daughter will study in the same school as my son.”

Updated: Feb 26

During the course of understanding her rights, one of our cohort members faced a lot of resistance from her family to go out and take up leadership in her community. She realized that, in her family, she was not being treated equally and she was struggling with it. During one of our reviews when everyone was reflecting on their practices on these values, she shared “I feel bad when I’m not given the same freedom as my husband, but I was also doing the same thing. I sent my son to a private school but my daughter to a government school in the village. It is a common practice for us. Everyone thinks that spending money on daughter’s education is not necessary because she will get married and go away. But after this training, I have realized that this is not right, and I am now sending my daughter to the same school as my son so that she can also get the same education and become someone."

The above story has been written and published with the explicit consent of the individual involved. All facts presented are based on WTPA's direct interaction with the individual, ensuring accuracy and integrity in our reporting.

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